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  1. Kenneth Pierce says:

    I have recently purchased version 27. I can’t figure how to add tabs. Can someone instruct me on how to add them

    • BobCAD says:

      Hi Kenneth,
      Please keep checking back as we are adding videos all the time. I will recommend that Al creates one for this.
      Chris Corbell
      BobCAD-CAM, Inc.

  2. Ritchie says:

    Al, you are a beast on these Cad cams period !! Thanks for the videos and I like the music Now lets go kick some Mastercam butt!!!

  3. Matt says:

    Do you have a video to demonstrate using the thread mill in V4 for solidworks?

  4. Kaydee says:

    Where is Extrude Cut on V26? Or what is the other term?

    • BobCAD says:

      In the V26 it’s a 2 step process. 1 exturde your solid, 2 use solid subtract to cut it away from your model. You can accomplish the same result in V26, it just takes more steps then in V27.


  5. PHIL says:

    I have a part that needs to be turned over 180 from right side of vice is 0,0 and use an m00 so I can take the part out and flip it over and start cutting bottom how do you do this

    thank you Phil mass

    • BobCAD says:

      Hi Phil,
      Al is currently at SOLIDWORKS World out in Phoenix, AZ until the end of this week. We will direct him to your post as soon as he returns.
      Thank you!

  6. Nate says:

    I don’t know if it is the right way, but I rotate the part, then translate it down :)

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