The Better Value CAD-CAM Software

Machine shops around the world that run CNC machine are faced with the fact that their ability to create g-code programs determines the success of their shops. Let’s face it, if you’re prepared to pay the higher cost for a big brand CAD-CAM product then you expect that you are getting the best value for your dollar. But are you?

lathe-cad-cam-threading-1Getting The Best Value from CAD-CAM

The answer to this question really depends on your experience. Seeing the true value of any CAD-CAM system is your ability to effectively utilize it’s features to program your parts in your shop. Does spending more money guarantee this? Here at BobCAD-CAM we feel this is not the case. We feel that your shops need CAD-CAM software that’s easy to use, cost effective and powerful. Don’t you agree?

Big brand CAD-CAM systems charge you more money but are you really getting more? The answer to that question really depends on what options and or modules that you purchase, but BobCAD-CAM insiders know that most, if not all, the functionally you find in Big Brand CAD-CAM systems can be found in the latest BobCAD-CAM programs for a fraction of the price. BobCAD-CAM offers a product line that rivals any CAD-CAM system offering 2-5 axis milling. Not to mention that 2-5 axis turning is right around the corner. Every day, week and year BobCAD-CAM pushes the boundaries of what is consider powerful and affordable for CAD-CAM software. Keeping CAD-CAM accessible for shops of all sizes has been our mission for many years. Offering highly effective low cost CAD-CAM software that’s easy to learn and use has been standard practice for us.

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