The Advantages of CAD-CAM Software for 3D Printing

CAD-CAM technology is generally used in automating the CNC machining & programming process. CNC Machining is called, “Subtractive Manufacturing”. In recent years emerging technologies in 3D printing has taken the world by storm, blasting open the door to endless “Additive Manufacturing Innovation, not just Rapid Prototyping any more. 3D printers are making things with both plastics and metals now that are providing kids, engineers, inventors and manufacturers the ability to produce amazing products with 3D printing machines.

CAD-CAM and 3D printing work together to provide the 3D printer with an STL file to use. Originally in the 1980’s 3D printing was developed for specialized manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping. By 2010 3D printing was far more recognized as a manufacturing solution and is now known as “additive Manufacturing”. Typically an STL file is created and used in the 3D printing process. This means that a CAD STL file is first generated by a CAD Design system and passed to the 3D printer. Generally CAD Design systems allow a designer to draw a 3D solid model and then export the file as an STL (stereolithography) type. This is something that the BobCAD-CAM software can help you with.

cad-software-stl-for-3d-printingAdditive Manufacturing is found in industrial design, automotive, aerospace, defense, engineering, dental and medical industries, fashion, footwear, jewelry, eye-wear, education, geographic information systems, food, and many other industries throughout the world. Additive manufacturing will not take the place of Subtractive or CNC manufacturing as the process if far slower and not as precision as current high speed CNC machining processes are. However 3D Printing is here to stay and an excellent way to innovate with CAD-CAM software.

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