BobCAD-CAM Releases New Training Videos for v27 Lathe CAD-CAM

BobCAD-CAM has released the new Training Professor Video Series for their v27 2 Axis Lathe CAD-CAM software. Traditionally BobCAD-CAM develops multimedia training videos for all of their CAD-CAM products. With the v27 Mill training video series complete they turned to their Lathe CAD-CAM to provide their users with a complete training solution to learning how to program CNC Lathe parts with their CAD-CAM software.

V27-lathe-Training-Box-Montage-with-Screen-300-202The v27 CAD-CAM software is a modular CAD-CAM product with CAD, Milling for 2.5, 3, 4 & 5 Axis modules as well as their Lathe, Nesting, Art and more. Because of this benefit, the BobCAD-CAM customer base can add-on technology as the shop grows their business and their machine tool capabilities without having to pay more for CAD-CAM technology that they simply don’t need.
This new Lathe CAD-CAM training video series includes:

– Video Box Set of CDs with 45 Individual Training Videos
– 236 Page Digital Workbook (Acrobat PDF) with Training Lessons
– Corresponding training CAD files included on the CDs
The training lessons cover all machining operations for 2 Axis Lathe, machining wizards, CAM cutting condition set up, tools, materials and much more. You will learn:

– Designing parts from start to finish.
– Mastering the use of v27 toolpath strategies to speed up part programming.
– Learning how to use Machine Simulation for your Lathe programs allowing you to avoid costly mistakes.
Watch this video:

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