Regular Embossment


We offer different types of embossments for open and closed shaped geometry. The regular emboss is the most popular and widely used. You’ll have options for the pattern type, application type and fast editing tools.

Convex ARC
Concave ARC
Convex Ellipse
Concave Ellipse

Patterns are a cross section of the embossment. For an example if you wanted a radius edge you would use convex arc, if you wanted a 45 degree slant, you would use line and set the angle to 45. You can adjust these profiles on the fly by pull and tug on the nodes or you can enter exact measurements in the input field.
Regular Embossment Add Application Screen Shot
Application Type:
Merge High
Merge Low

Fast Edit:
X Y Scale
Z Scale
Base Height

When you have 2 emboss features that intersect you can control what happens at that point on intersection by using a application types. One can cut away from the other, have the higher of the 2 embossments show, or just add on on top of the other. Using these tools you can develop very complicated shapes with drastically different results.

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